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I’ve included in this section a brief background to the kind of ideas that underpin transpersonal therapy. It is not at all necessary that you read this for therapy to be effective but if you are curious then you are welcome to read on.

Transpersonal Counselling addresses the issues of the whole person and the world they inhabit. The transpersonal perspective recognizes far greater possibilities in terms of human potentials.

It completes the picture of the human psyche, as being not only an exploration of the Mind/Brain connection, with all its resultant thought and behavior patterns, but also incorporates Spirit and Nature as fundamental aspects of human being.


Transpersonal Counselling is very much concerned with attending to fundamental human needs for physical, psychological and spiritual well being. Primarily our need for


The Transpersonal approach to human psychology is greatly influenced by ancient indigenous healing paradigms, such as shamanism. Underlying this approach is the archaic worldview that we live in a Universe that is ensouled. And that every detail of the Natural World, be it us humans or the trees, rocks, streams, flies, fires, storms, stars, cold winds and so on… is alive with meaning. And that human consciousness is intimately connected with the 'anima mundi' or World Soul. This perspective is quite different from the mechanistic worldview that Western culture is so heavily invested in.

As a Transpersonal Counsellor I am firm in the belief that:

What is important to ask yourself as a potential client is:

If so, then Transpersonal Counselling is probably for you!


Transpersonal Counselling also draws much inspiration from modern humanistic psychology, notably Roger's model of client centred counselling. This means that the focus of the therapy is on YOU and YOUR PROCESS. As counsellor I am here to serve you find your way in your own way!


Along my own healing journey I have come to recognise that healing is comparable to getting to know yourself very, very well. It is important to take responsibility to learn yourself after all we are all individual- our bodies, mind, spirit, purpose and so on is totally unique!

Who better to address your healing than yourself?

Coming to counselling with Kirilly is quite often is about taking time out to be with yourself and conduct inspiring and transformative explorations of yourself.

See the links, ‘The Cosmic Shift’ on the ‘Divine Astrology’ page for more ideas on why more than ever NOW is the best time to begin working on yourself. Also check out 'A Better You' on the Menu below for the best reason of all of why taking care of yourself is a great way to take care of all those you love and the world at large.

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