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Shamanic Practice is a broad term covering many cultural forms of healing, which the Shamanic model at the core.

Shamanic practice is based in healing ceremonies. The Shamanic Practioner, as ceremonial leader,   invokes and operates within scared space, most notably the Medicine Wheel. The ceremonial arena is contained and represents a departure from this world and entry into other worlds of unlimited possibilities in terms of one’s healing. 

The Shamanic Practioner is:

May I be clear in stating that I am not a Shaman though I am a qualified Shamanic Practitioner. So what’s this all about?

Traditional shamanic practices have been researched and developed into a form of healing which can be taught, even to us urbanites in the West. So yes, I have undergone extensive training and with this I have a Diploma of Shamanic Practice (IKON) and have recently been awarded a Master of Advanced Shamanic Practice (IKON).

But Shamanic Practice is practice. It requires immense commitment, so that the practice of ‘Medicine Ways’ is fully integrated into one’s path. It is an on-going spiritual discipline usually posited within a community. It is wonderful to join with others throughout Australia who are committed to practicing medicine ways and evolving an Australian Spirituality that is grounded in the shamanic tradition.


I would like to acknowledge that I have been truly blessed to be a student and on-going apprentice of a great teacher and initiated Shaman- Dr. Rafael Locke. As well I would like to acknowledge the extended community of Shamanic Practitioners in Australia that I have trained with, especially those involved in S.O.T.E.M.S. (Spirit Of The Earth Medicine Society).