A guide to Shamanic Healing services available at HEALING WITH IMAGINATION:

  1. Hands on Healing
  2. Energy Balancing
  3. Rituals of Purification and Cleansing
  4. Guided Meditations
  5. Divination
  6. Education
  7. Dream work
  8. Symbol work
  9. Myth and Story work
  10. Mask work
  11. Shadow Work
  12. Totem Healing
  13. Snake Healing
  14. Web Healing
  15. 3 Worlds Healing
  16. Calling the Soul Ceremony
  17. Realigning Personal Boundaries
  18. The Blessing Way

NB: there are many other intensive ceremonies available centred around the themes of loss, grief, death, incomplete birth, incomplete life transition, incomplete death, possession, soul damage and soul loss. Kirilly is happy to discuss the possibilities of such ceremonies in consultation.