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06/07/2010 -- Partners in Depression

Kirilly has completed her training as a facilitator of the 'Partners in Depression' program.

'Partners in Depression' is an education and support program for people who love or support someone experiencing depression.  www.partnersindepression.com.au

Stay tuned for dates and location details of this fantastic new free course or email Kirilly at info@healingwithimagination.com.au to be put on the mailing list for course updates.

08/06/2010 -- Volunteer Art Therapist for Homeless Youth Shelter

Kirilly began volunteer work at a youth homeless shelter in Sydney's Western suburbs doing art therapy.

Blessings to all residents and carers of 'Parrahouse'- you are an inspiration!

12/04/2010 -- Master of Advanced Shamanic Practice

After two years Shamanic Training in the Central Desert, NT, Kirilly is now a Master of Advanced Shamanic Practice (IKON).

Below are some photos from the last training from April 1st-12th, 2010

The interior as always was wild and majestic though this time it had been transformed from a harsh barren desert-scape to something like the Garden of Eden – brimming with new life.

Each day was clear and warm and we swam in the Mighty Hugh- which hadn't flooded in 30 years!

And each night we were treated to stunning sunsets as electrical storm fronts moved in overhead.

The final storm that washed us out- within minutes the Earth gave way and torrents and rushes sprang up and ran straight through our camp.

After being flooded out of the Central Desert, NT, Kirilly has returned from the final leg of the 2 year training program in Advanced Shamanic Practice with Dr Rafael Locke and a dozen or so fellow travelers.


As always, Kirilly is ever alive to her path
as a healer, teacher and counsellor.

She is delighted to meet you
on your journey to
health, beauty, healing and light.

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