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Awaken to Earth Conscious Healing and Dreaming

Welcome to HEALING WITH IMAGINATION where the focus is on you and your personal jouney to wellness.

As a qualified and registered counselor (ACA) that specializes in transpersonal therapy, Kirilly offers a unique counselling service that departs somewhat from the usual conversational style of counselling. As an artist, Shamanic Healer and Astrologer Kirilly prefers to tap into her client’s creative and spiritual side for healing. Receiving counselling with Kirilly is a soulful and usually quite uplifting experience, as one explores the potentials of their crisis or stasis.

If you feel like:

are more your style of working through your issues then HEALING WITH IMAGINATION is likely to be for you.

For assistance with:

HEALING WITH IMAGINATION is a friendly, safe, private and non judgmental environment, where you are welcome!

Please do not hesitate to contact Kirilly on 0411 550 980. Kirilly is available for ‘in person’ consultations as well as ‘on line’ and phone counselling.

Healing With Imagination >> Home | News | About |